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Crime Scene Photography PDF Print E-mail

This is a comprehensive course for detectives and crime scene personnel designed to teach basic and advanced photographic techniques that are required to document crime scenes and accident scenes for court presentation. Attendees will receive 40 hours of in-service training that will include the following topics:

•    Functions, controls, and menu settings of digital single-lens-reflex (DSLR) cameras
•    Depth of field and motion control
•    Close-up photography and photography using forensic light sources
•    Functions and controls of detachable flash units
•    Solving lighting problems using fill-flash, painting with light and polarizing filters

•    Interior and exterior crime scene and accident scene documentation
•    Photographing victims and suspects
•    Managing digital images
•    Photographing latent blood reagents
•    Photographing projectile flight paths using lasers

Additional Course Information:
•     Attendees should bring their digital photographic equipment, tripods, flashlights, any accessories, and laptop computers.
•    This course will be approximately 50% lecture and 50% hands-on practical application.
•    There will be an evening class Wednesday, time TBA.
•    Uniforms are not required unless required by the department

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